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Partnership Program

MACROLYNK understands that it cannot hope to offer a complete, localized solution for every customer that we wish to serve. There are just too many specialized markets in too many parts of the world. And yet, the concept of a collaborative network of supply chain partners is universal in its appeal. To help us resolve this, we turn to partners that can broaden our reach and add to the level of functionality we are able to offer. There are four types of partnerships available and, depending on the market, one company could qualify to serve in several capacities.

Types of Partnerships

Integration Partners

MACROLYNK D must be integrated with the customer’s backbone systems to be able to extract, process, and reinsert the data that it needs to operate. These integrations already exist in the Mexican market for SAP, QAD, and Oracle. However, additional solutions are needed for other regional markets. While the technology may be similar, companies running SAP in Brazil will have a different set of needs than companies using the same software in Japan. This allows software developers to offer localized solutions for their home markets.

MACROLYNK D requires our partners to use of Web Services to develop the required XML code for the interface. For more information on our technology stack, click here.


Reselling Partners are unique in that MACROLYNK has chosen to operate under a franchise agreement within certain geographic regions. This means that MACROLYNK will help their local representative to set up a separate corporate entity to serve their region. The local staff and management are not MACROLYNK employees, but operate their own company under an agreement with MACROLYNK. They create their own business plans, and with the exception of meeting certain pre-agreed upon sales goals, largely operate independently.

All MACROLYNK Resellers must be certified by MACROLYNK. To attain certification they must undergo rigorous training, meet certain technology standards, and have the staff in place to support their customers. They are required to follow standard MACROLYNK implementation methodology, including the production of a formal Master Project Plan (MPP).The MPP will be used to quote any system adaptation services that may be required. These adaptations will be made for the Partner by the MACROLYNK Development Center (MACROLYNK will work with the Reselling Partner to determine the cost of any adaptations prior to making a proposal to the customer.)

Reselling Partners are fully expected to offer the same level of sales, implementation services, and post-sales support as that enjoyed by customers of MACROLYNK USA.

MACROLYNK Specialized database partner

This type of partner provides specialized databases for the use of MACROLYNK network members that choose to take advantage of them. Information will pass to and from MACROLYNK via XML messaging. Denied party screening would be one example of this type of service. Country-by-country HTS codes would be another.

Applications Partners

MACROLYNK seeks to have solutions developed that would be of interest to specific segments of the market. These segments could be based on geographic region, the nature of the application itself, or both. An example of an app that would be of interest to a specific geographical area would be the on-line reporting requirements of a local or federal government. An app specific to a certain industry might include the provision for environmental monitoring of materials in transit, i.e., something that would be of interest to companies selling or consuming foodstuffs, regardless of location. An example that intersects both areas would be an on-line bookkeeping app that was tailored to the laws of a particular country or region,

Performance & Support Requirements

Regardless of the type of partnership, MACROLYNK requires its partners to:
  • Work with the MACROLYNK technical staff to develop all required interfaces. (In no case will MACROLYNK source code be provided).
  • Follow an approved implementation and testing process.
  • Provide customer support to the same standards as MACROLYNK.
There are other requirements as well, dependent on the type of partnership. Obviously, they are for more stringent for our Integration and Reselling Partners. Please contact us for more information.


MACROLYNK wants all of our partners to succeed, and we recognize that we are requiring a significant level of commitment to become a Certified MACROLYNK Partner, particularly for our Reseller and Integration Partners. In exchange for this, we are willing to offer some level of exclusivity, predicated on meeting certain sales goals that will be based on the type and size of the market that you will be serving. Again, please contact us for more information.

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