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What is LCI?

1. Where did MACROLYNK come from?

MACROLYNK is a collaborative social-business network created by LCI, a company with 16 years of experience in creating systems to help their customers manage their supply chains. For more information about LCI, click here.

2. What value does LCI add for your customers?

We add value in three ways:

I. LCI provides an on line solution, MACROLYNK, that is based on the social networking concept where members of your supply chain can collaborate and communicate in real time solving real business problems. MACROLYNK supports B2B transactions, messaging, blogging, and the creation of ad hoc forums. All communications can be limited to your personal network, your company, your extended company (customers, suppliers, etc.), or you can allow access to anyone that is a member of the MACROLYNK network.

II. We provide a set of smart role-based apps that automate many of the routine processes in procurement, transportation management, warehousing, international commerce, and accounts payable. With MACROLYNK, you only have to worry about the exceptions while the system takes care of the routine.
III. We go beyond just providing a network and the software that runs on it. We have the process expertise to help your company achieve a level of Best Practice across your operations.

3. What makes you different from your competition?

Simply put, it is our products and our people. Our product, MACROLYNK, was designed from the ground up to be a real time system operating on the Internet as a business-related social network. Think of Facebook®, the social network designed to share information about your life and family. Think of LinkedIn®, the business network designed to help you share information about your role in the business community. MACROLYNK was designed to take advantage of the same kind of Internet connectivity to provide a business network. Our company and your suppliers, customers, carriers, and service providers - anyone that "touches" your product or provides any service, will have the tools they need to manage their contribution to your supply chain. For a more complete explanation of what MACROLYNK is and how it can help your company, click here.
Our people are the other major differentiator for LCI and MACROLYNK. Our team does much more than just implement our software products. They are experts in the field of Project and Process Management, Supply Chain, and International Trade and Logistics. They work with our customers to ensure that they are following best practice in all phases of their supply chain operations. All LCI consultants have a degree in either business or computer science, and have at least five years (Junior Level) or more than ten years (Senior Level) of direct experience in managing some part of the supply chain operation. Typically, they come from a high-volume manufacturing environment such as automotive, electronics, or consumer goods, where the cost of downtime is prohibitive. For more information about our people, click here.
4. Why haven't I heard of LCI or MACROLYNK before?

Two reasons: First, MACROLYNK is a new product. It was released in February 2012 and is now in the process of being adopted worldwide by a $14.5B automotive manufacturing company. Secondly, while our company, LCI, has been actively engaged in the supply chain market since 1996, our customers are typically multi-national companies with operations scattered worldwide. Since most of our work has been with these operational units, we have not had that much exposure at the corporate level. That is now changing as more North American companies are joining the MACROLYNK network at the corporate as well as the operational level.

5. Did you know that we sell to governments and universities?

Roughly 15% of LCI sales are to the national governments of Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Peru, and other South and Central American governments. This enables us to stay on top of changes being considered at the policy level, and gives us the time to have the forms and documents ready for our customers to be using as soon as they are required. Another 10% of sales are to major universities where students are gaining hands-on experience in using our software. This gives our customers access to a pool of pre-trained graduates when they are ready to hire new staff. Since 2004, roughly 30,000 students have been trained using LCI products.