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Meet the Macrolynk Team

Saul Haro

President and CEO

Prior to Macrolynk, Saul managed supply chain and import/export operations for Mabe (GE Appliance Company) and Valeo Wiper Systems. Seeing that his people where spending far too much time doing manual record keeping, he started to explore ways to automate the process. By the mid 90's he had the first generation of what would become Macrolynk ready to take to market. Since founding Macrolynk in 1996, Saul has focused his energies on running the company, expanding the product line, and most recently, developing a new generation software-as-a-service (SAAS) implementation model. He also consults with senior management in business, government, and academia on supply chain operations. In his spare time, he is a frequent speaker and lecturer on Supply Chain Management and Global Trade Automation. Saul has a bachelor's degree in International Business from UASLP and lives with his wife and son in Austin, Texas.

Bill Petersen

Vice-President Business Development

Bill has over twenty-five years of experience in the supply chain market. His first exposure was as the head of marketing for the advanced research facility at Texas Instruments. At that time, TI was developing artificial intelligence-based decision support software, commonly called expert systems. He left TI to join CSTaR, the research center for Anderson Consulting (now Accenture) where he was Director of Marketing. In both companies, he found that most of the real-world applications of AI technology were in the area of decision support and optimization strategies. He left the research community and followed the market by going to work for several of the best-of-breed providers of warehouse and transportation management systems. He became involved with international trade management at Precision software, where he was responsible for sales and marketing. He joined Macrolynk in June of 2009, responsible for marketing and strategic planning. Bill holds a Bachelor's in Operations Research and an MBA in Marketing.

Gabriela Haro

Chief Financial Officer

Gaby joined Macrolynk in 1999 and currently serves as the Chief Financial Officer, responsible for controllership, financial planning, tax, treasury, and Human Resources. Prior to joining Macrolynk, she held key financial positions in retail, manufacturing, and consulting firms where she specialized in financial planning and analysis. Gaby is a Certified Public Accountant from the UASLP.

Erik Castillo

Director of IT Operations

Erik has designed and developed software architectures for web solutions for the past 10 years. Primarily working in Java J2EE and .NET, his systems manage inventories to comply with various international trade processes such as SAAIM3, IMMEX, AES and ABI. Erik also managed a project for the Peruvian government to develop and implement a web solution to improve the interchange of information related to international trade, making Peru an easier government to do business with. Since joining Macrolynk, Erik has participated in the analysis, design and development of the many of the modules of the Macrolynk Collaboration Network. Currently he is IT Manager at Macrolynk, responsible of the IT operations at the Macrolynk Development Center in San Luis, Mexico. Erik has a bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering from UASLP.