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A Short Explanation

MACROLYNK is a next-generation supply chain management solution that is now being brought to market. It is a totally new product that has been built on a social networking architecture that leverages proven supply chain management applications that are already supporting thousands of users around the world.

Simply put, MACROLYNK is a social-business network, a system that is set up like a facebook or LinkedIn, but designed around the needs of your company's supply chain. It comes with a set of tools that allow you to collaboratively unite the people in your company with the people that make the products and services that allow you to serve your customers. This makes your job easier by making things happen faster and with fewer errors.

What Kind of Things?

Social Business Capabilities Business Functional Apps
  • Your Company
  • Your Personal
  • Your internal team
  • Your business partners
  • Business networking
  • Business Connection Builder
  • Forums
  • Private messaging
  • Transaction-based messaging
  • Groups
  • Updates
  • Display products and services
  • Global Risk Monitor
  • Any Social capability used to actively collaborate with your coworkers and your partner's teams in real-time. Plus the ability to showcase your products and services in the MACROLYNK Products & Services Profile.
  • e-Sourcing
  • Project and task management
  • Order and Inventory fulfilment
  • Transportation
  • Import-export
  • Accounts Payable and Receivable
  • Supplier performance
  • Quality Control
  • ML Marketplace
  • Display more than 6 Products or services
  • Any process that affects the way you buy, make, sell, and ship.

    There are two different types of MACROLYNK networks, "My MACROLYNK" and "MACROLYNK D". My MACROLYNK allows you to build your own network and provides you and your supply chain partners access to all of the Social Business Capabilities listed in the table above. My MACROLYNK is 100% free.

    MACROLYNK D (for Data Driven) builds on the My MACROLYNK base and adds access to the Business Functional Apps. The data used to run these apps comes from a real-time integration with your company's ERP and other backbone systems. Use of the apps requires a license and your company may want to hire MACROLYNK's consulting staff to help you set up the network and do the system integration.