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Our Customers

And partners such as Amber Road, Austin Technology Incubator, IBM, and LCI give us access to vast resources and expertise to best fit your needs.

What Is Macrolynk?


Macrolynk executes all of the key aspects of supply chain, from initial purchase order through to final payment, to provide customers and their suppliers unparalleled access to critical, real-time information.


Our technology identifies problems as they happen and provides a collaborative social networking interface to bring the right people together to quickly and cost effectively resolve the problem.

The End Result

Faster, smoother, flowing supply chain.

World Class Exception Management

  Identifies exceptions and alerts management

  Determines the nature of an exception

  Provides the communication platform to resolve the issue


Some problems can be extremely urgent

We understand that delays are expensive

Solutions require the right people with the right information

Our Solutions

Macrolynk combines applications with social networking architecture using methodologies of lean supply chain such as Six Sigma and Poka-Yoke.

With this technology, we help manage:

Across industries.

We have the caliber of the big boys, without requiring you to house a huge and expensive team to manage a complex SCM system. In the automotive industry, Macrolynk powers Tier 1 and Tier 2 players with technology capabilities previously only available to the biggest OEMs.

Designed around the most complex SCM industry in the world (automotive), Macrolynk has what it takes to handle any other manufacturing industry. No one knows more about supply chain management than Macrolynk - no one has our experience and expertise, and no one has our platform. Period.

The Macrolynk Trade Zone solution can be configured to manage complex supply chains of manufacturing locations under the rules and regulations of any free trade zone or import-export temporary program in the world. The Trade Zone solution is a truly critical part of Macrolynk.

Leading logistics service providers get the services and capabilities they need through Macrolynk, from operating process improvements to strategic customer-facing capabilities. Multiple major 3PLs offer their customers Macrolynk powered supply chain visibility capacity.

Macrolynk in the Press

Macrolynk are included in the 90 Most Innovative Automotive Companies Austin, Texas Based (2022)

The companies, startups and institutions listed in this article are all exceptional companies, well worth a follow.

Named the Customs Leader of the Year (2022)

Macrolynk es la primera network en la nube que te permite operar y administrar tus operaciones de importación y exportación en tiempo real, en cualquier dispositivo estés donde estés.

Latin-American Leaders Forum (Sept 2016)

Building a road map for sustainable growth, two days of networking with industry leaders, Saul Haro MACROLYNK®’s CEO selected as one of the key speakers.

World Manufacturing Forum (May 2016)

From Global Challenges to Grand Manufacturing Opportunities: Leading towards Growth and Sustainability, Saúl Haro MACROLYNK® CEO was selected as on key speakers and selected by the WMF as the one of the top 25 experts worldwide.

CADE Conferencia Anual De Ejecutivos (Apr 2016)

Y después de la ampliación del canal, ¿qué? Saúl Haro CEO de MACROLYNK® hablando sobre los retos en materia logística estratégica para Panamá.

Premio San Luis Potosí de Tecnología e Innovación (Apr 2016)

MACROLYNK® recibe el premio de Innovación Tecnológica 2016, en manos del Gobernador del Estado de San Luis Potosí, Juan Manuel Carreras.

IBM Social Business (Sep 2015)

Congrats to MACROLYNK® and Saul Haro, the President and CEO on their award from CNN!.

CNN Expansión (Ago 2015)

MACROLYNK® fue seleccionado como el Emprendedor del Año 2015 para la edición anual de la revista CNN EXPANSION, creadores del Facebook de manufactura.

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Networked Platforms--Solutions for Multi-Party Inter-Enterprise Processes... (Feb 2015)

MACROLYNK® is an example of a network platform that was built with social supply chain at its core. MACROLYNK® was designed with multi-party exception management in mind. It not only raises the alarm on critical issues, but then brings together the right people and transactional information from multiple organizations across the supply chain.

What I Learned at the CSCMP Annual Global Conference 2014... (Oct 2014)

The next-generation of supply chain applications will embed social networking capabilities to enable communities of trading partners to communicate, collaborate, and execute business processes in more efficient, scalable, and innovative ways — and that some of those solutions are already here.

Transportation Solutions Highlights... (Sept 2014)

Multi-tier, Multi-function, Social Execution: A social execution solution including manufacturing demand, procurement, and transportation. MACROLYNK® is one such provider.

Improving Supply Chain Collaboration with Enterprise Social Networking... (Sept 2014)

MACROLYNK® powers Tier 1 and Tier 2s in the Automotive Industry with SCM Tools to Save Time, Money.

MACROLYNK® Joins Austin Technology Incubator... (Apr 2014)

Consistent with 25 years of industry-changing B2B technologies incubated by ATI, MACROLYNK® is improving supply chain management, especially in the automotive industry.

Social Supply Chain 2014 (Feb 2014)

Although social alone won’t win the deal, it is becoming one of the requirements for solution selection… Considering the increasingly complex nature of the questions, errors, and changes that go on every day in supply chain, having methods for enabling more effective dialogue between trading partners is crucial.

Is Social an Enterprise Application? (May 2013)

The system watches the flow of information and is intelligent enough to recognize an exception and automatically notify the people involved, thus potentially kicking off a social thread -- from the transaction to social. Very powerful!.

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